Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Creating OLite Connection from JDeveloper

Follow the steps below to configure connection to OLite DB from JDeveloper for ESB and BPEL tables.

1. Go to Connection Navigator

2 Right click Databases and select “Create New Database Connection”

Approach #1
3. Select “Third Party JDBC Driver” and click Next

4. Provide “system/any” as Username/password for SID:"oraesb" .

5. Provide “system/password” as Username/password for SID:"orabpel" .

6. You may need to create a Oracle Lite Jar classpath entry. Click Browse-> Add Entry 

and navigate to %ORA_HOME%\bpel\lib\olite40.jar

6. Provide the url for the connection as specified in %ORAHOME%\j2ee\home\config\datasources.xml

7. Test Connection and you are on your way.

Approach #2
3. Select “Oracle Lite” as driver and click Next
4. Provide “system/any” or "system/password" as Username/password.
5. Provide following details –
SID – oraesb or orabpel for your SID of choice.
6. Test Connection and you should be on your way.


Ganga said...

i am new to bpel. i did the same what you have said. i am getting [POL-5150] access violation. error.
before doing this shall we download drivers?

mahakk01 said...

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