Monday, January 21, 2008

Oracle Workflow Patterns

Simple Workflow
Some user activity is required for the business process to carry on. The business process may still continue, if human task expires, along some other flow.

Simple Workflow with Auto Escalation

When a human task expires, the task can then be escalated to assignee’s manager (default rule) or to some other person, as specified by the Escalation Function.

Simple Workflow with Auto Renewal

Renewal differs from Escalation, in terms, when the task is escalated; it goes to some other person, when renewed, the task is reassigned to the same user.

Sequential Workflow

This pattern, routes the human task to business users in a sequential manner.
Sequential Workflow with Escalation

In case some user is not performing an action for desired time, his task could be escalated to his supervisors.

Parallel Workflow
When multiple users work on a single task at a given point of time, for example, voting, this is termed as parallel workflow.

Parallel Workflow with Final Reviewer

Used to exist in earlier Workflow product of Oracle

Adhoc Workflow
The task is assigned to a user, where he decides where the task should go next, and completes when one of the assignees finally work on the task.

FYI Tasks
FYI tasks are those, which just allow the assignees to add comments/attachments, but their action does not affect the execution of business process.

External Routing Service
When a third party routing algorithm determines the assignment and routing policy,.

Task Continuation
Oracle allows you to perform a task continuation, where in the history, attachments and comments are accessible from the previous task. An example could be if you wish to implement Parallel workflow with final reviewer. The first task would be a group vote, and in second task, you can check task continuation, for the reviewer to understand basis of vote, if need be.


mahakk01 said...

This post is about Oracle workflow patterns. There are different kinds of workflow in Oracle so it is important to know which workflow is used where and what the main feature of that workflow is. This is a easy topic and you don't take too much time to understand it.
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Priya Amar said...

Any knowledge on work load management such as allocating tasks to Least Busy user , Round robin task assignment using oracle BPM