Monday, January 21, 2008

Problem with compensate in Oracle

There seems to be a problem with compensation handler implementation with Oracle In case, you face similar problem, think upgrading to, instead of  investing time to pull out a solution.

The problem is :: A scope which throws the exception also gets compensated, even when it is not completed, which is  not in accordance with BPEL specification, which says, the scope should only be compensated if the scope is completed, faulting scope shall not be compensated.

Moreover, if a scope is not activated yet, i.e., no activity of this scope is executed, then this scope would not be compensated, even if some peer scope faults.

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Tee Chess said...

Nice post. I do have faced such problem but there must be a solution to this problem. I wanted to know that and what is the possible cause of this problem. You have not provided the solution rather suggested to escape from it. I will try to find some info and will let you know also.
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